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Awards Specifically for Persian-American Students

Typically these organizations give small grants intended to supplement personal funds, university scholarships, or other awards. Because of current U.S. economic sanctions, awards are usually limited to individuals who are already enrolled in U.S. colleges or universities.  Often, eligibility criteria require that the student already be in the United States or else award the funds directly to the institution in which the student is enrolled.

Children of Persia Scholarship Program.  For undergraduate study only; student must be living in legal status in the United States.

Evolving Perceptions. Iranian or Iranian-American artist aged eighteen to thirty, living and studying fine arts in the United States.

Houtan Scholarship Foundation.  For graduate-level study only.

Iranian Association of Boston. Must be studying in Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, Connecticut, or Rhode Island.

Iranian Scholarship Foundation. Undergraduate studies only; student must be in the United States in legal status.


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