“Need-Blind” & “Full-Need” Institutions

“Need-Blind” & “Full-Need” Institutions

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“Need-Blind” and “Full-Need” Institutions

Most U.S. colleges and universities can only promise a limited amount of funding even to well-qualified students. Therefore, many institutions will consider financial need as part of the admission decision, not wishing to admit students to whom they cannot offer enough financial aid. 
Some U.S. colleges and universities are “need-blind” and do not look at what funding students need in deciding whether or not to admit them, though they may not always be able to provide all the funding that a student is seeking.

A very few institutions with large endowments can afford to have a “full-need” policy, not considering need in admission and then providing needed tuition funding to all admitted students. There are only six colleges that are need-blind and full-need for all applicants, even international students.

These include Dartmouth CollegeHarvard University, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology,Princeton UniversityYale University, and Amherst College.  For more on need-blind and full-need universities, please see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Need-blind_admission.

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